Here in California, they charge you for shopping bags at the grocery store and the shopping malls. I try to keep a few in my glove box for those unexpected trips, and if they can fit in my purse that's even better. When I was offered the opportunity to review these shopping bags I accepted it because I know if these can survive my household then they can be used anywhere.

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Three bags come in the set. I like the fact that each bag comes in its own pouch and folds down to a mere 4 inches. This is the perfect size for my purse. When fully opened, it stands about 13 inches tall and can hold a whopping 33 pounds of goods.  They are made from high grade Oxford cloth and a simple wash cloth can wipe off any dirt that the bag comes in contact with. 
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If you are looking for a durable set of shopping bags to carry your groceries, I recommend giving these a try. 

I received this item at a reduced price for reviewing purposes. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.





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