On August 26th, 2014 my mom and I were invited to a Grand Opening for See’s Candies in San Francisco on Market Street.  When my mom and I arrived there we were kindly guided inside.  After we walked in I saw tons of chocolate.  I tasted a few samples of Key Lime Truffles,  Raspberry Truffles, and the Scotchmallow.  I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate, but the Scotchmallow was yummy!  After I finished those, I was able to speak to Karen Patterson, the Regional Sales Manager of See’s Candies.  She informed me that the most popular candies for kids are the Scotch Kisses and Butterscotch Chews.  After tasting them both for myself, I can agree that kids do like both of them.

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The CEO of See’s Candies Mr. Brad Kinstler let us know that a lot of thought went into designing this new store, and there is only one other like it.  He wants us all to come back during the holidays and fill up the store and buy lots of candy.  When he got done I spoke to his wife who was also a very important person.  Before we left we went to the candy counter to get a swag bag.  The bag consisted of a 1lb box of chocolates,  peanut brittle,  lollipops, and a book about the history of See’s Candies.  Since I had plenty of candy at the grand opening, I let my siblings eat the treats from the swag bag.  I’ll report back later after I read the book.

I’m glad that they opened up  a new See’s Candies store, because now the people who live in this neighborhood will be able to stop in and get a sweet treat often as they choose. Now that I have shared with you, share a comment below and let me know your favorite candy from See’s.


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