I recently had the opportunity to review some multipurpose labels from Label Daddy, and I jumped at the opportunity.  You see I have 6 children who are constantly leaving their items ANY and EVERYWHERE.  I can’t begin to tell you how many time parents have come up to me at Scouts to return a jacket or dufffel back that one of my kid has left at their house or in their car.  Keep in mind I can only speak for the items that make it back to me.  Many items leave the house only to never return which costs me time and money. So when I say I was thrilled to test these labels out, the word thrilled may have been an understatement!
Label Daddy has a TON of designs to choose from and to make your labels stand out.  Your kids can choose from superheroes to MLB teams and everything else in between to make your labels truly unique. Since we are a California family living in the East Bay Area, The Golden State Warriors were the the only choice for us.  I opted to just use our last name because I wanted to be able to use them for multiple children, however you can customize your labels with your initials, first and last name or a combination of both.  The website was very fast and ordering my labels was a snap! The Camp Pack is what I ordered and it came with 150 laminated labels in various sizes that I used on a everything.  Suitcases, backpacks, shoes, sweatshirts, you name it, I stuck a label on it! As you can see, I stuck one on a pair of shoes.  Well last school year, we had a shoe incident with a very expensive pair of shoes and just so happened to recover it on the last day of school in the lost and found. Had my Label Daddy label been on the shoe, it would have sped up the reunification process.
As I prepare for Back To School, there will be no more marking on clothing and lunch boxes for me.  My Label Daddy labels will save me time and money as I apply them to EVERYTHING that the kids take out of the house.  They are durable and can withstand the washing machine and wear and tear if applied correctly.  If your baby is going to daycare, stick a label on the bottles and clothing. If your taking your lunch to work, stick a label on your containers. If your kids play sports, stick a label on their water bottle! I recommend everyone that has property that you want to keep, to purchase these labels.  Mine will be used for school, scouts, sports,  and my my relatives in nursing homes.  A small investment to day in these labels will save you a TON of money down the road. You will NOT be disappointed!  You can connect with Label Daddy on their can you buy topamax over the counter in australiaand where can i order topamax pages as well as order your labels at where to purchase topamax

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