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Film maker Darren Wilson decided to make a movie totally led by the Holy Spirit. That meant there would be no script, no set location, or even a planned subject matter.  He was literally on a journey of discovery to see what happens when you let the Holy Spirit have His way in your life.  Ultimately he would end up making God famous.

Through out the movie, Darren came into contact with various ones who the Holy Spirit was able to work through them to show His presence.  People from all walks of life had encounters with the Holy Spirit on this miraculous journey.  Rock stars prayed healing prayers for fans, The Spirit moved in the body of skateboarders on the street corner, and the Holy Spirit even opened the doors of a Hindu Temple in India for the the crew to come inside and film!  Spirits were lifted, souls saved and miracles were performed on this journey all because Wilson had faith that the Holy Spirit would take this film where he wanted it to go and to make Himself known.

As I watched the miracles go forth and thought about my own life, it made me ponder how much am I truly allowing the Holy Spirit lead and guide me on this journey.  Holy Ghost started out as a product review for me, but ended up as direct message from the Lord to me to continue seeking Him so that He can direct my path.


** I was given this DVD free of charge in exchange for a review.  All opinions are truthful and mine, which may differ from yours.

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